pasta, chocolate, and a thirteen year-old.

happy thursday friends! let me show you some weekend hangout with friends lately:

hangout with richie and aryan.

first was with my fantastic friend richie who i hadn’t seen in a pretty long time, since he’d been in LA for a while. but now he was back, and he had his little cousin aryan visiting!

hangout with richie and aryan.

we walked around the mission and did some café hangouts, tried on shoes, and checked out vintage clothes.

hangout with richie and aryan.

then i took us to dolores park for a bit of course! no weekend is complete without some hanging out in dolores park. for me, at least. this is what i looked like! it was warm enough to be dressed like this. in h&m tank top and the vintage style tennis skirt from the fila x urban outfitters collab.

hangout with richie and aryan.

cool boyz.

hangout with richie and aryan.

we walked from the park to the castro, where it’s always colorful and rainbowy. we stopped by at an ice cream shop before we hugged each other goodbye.

hangout with patty.

another weekend hangout lately was with patty. she hit me up for lunch which was perfect, because i had just come from the gym and needed to eat.

hangout with patty.

we went to barzotto, an italian place close to my house where i’ve been wanting to go for a while. the pasta was great! al dente af. plus points for very instagrammable table.

hangout with patty.

we walked slowly through the mission, checking out some stores, and then ending up here, at dandelion chocolate, for some dessert hehe. dandelion is a super small chocolate factory in the middle of the mission. so nice.

hangout with patty.

patty ordered their cold hot chocolate (hehe), and i the house hot chocolate. aaaaaand then i was full for the rest of the day :))))

friends + food + sun + san francisco = some of my favorite things in life <3333


två häng på sistone! först med fina richie och hans lilla kusin aryan som var på besök. vi provade skor, kollade vintagekläder och hängde i dolores och castro.
sen ett lunchhäng med patty, vi käkade supergod at dente pasta på barzotto, prommade genom mission och drack chokladdessert på lilla chokladfabriken dandelion.




alltså det där livet ändå <3 så mycket gott och så mycket SOL!

är så tacksam för solen alltså!

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