my birthday: flowers, sea bass, and a pink dress.

birthday saturday at boxing room.

here’s part two of my birthday! so—after the brunch, dolores park and all that i told you about in my last post, i went home to change. was met by a birthday flower bouquet from my roomie mira! thank yooou. so colorful.

birthday saturday at zuni.

and soon enough, it was time for dinner at this fancy place! this is zuni café, a classic san francisco restaurant—an institution even—that i’ve been wanting to go to for years now. and it finally happened!

birthday saturday at zuni.

a white-cloth table for two at the window on the upper level. very nice indeed.

birthday saturday at zuni.

siri was my dinner company of course. this is actually the third birthday dinner that i eat with her. very lucky to have a friend like her. (#1 here and #2 here).

birthday saturday at zuni.

she gave me a beautiful box filled with gifts!! fantastic. i’ll show you some of them in a separate post later.

birthday saturday at zuni.

we ordered drinks while we waited for food, and cheered for my 26th, for us, and our FANTASTIC friendship. <3

birthday saturday at zuni.

this is how i looked! forgot to take a full body picture, but i had a new pink dress with a plunge neck and flowy sleeves.

birthday saturday at zuni.

and then our food came! just look at my gorgeous sea bass. like a piece of art!

birthday saturday at zuni.

siri ordered a lamb dish. we were so excited—because food, because birthday dinner, because zuni, and because we both had watched the show looking and this is where the character dom works, hehe. he was nowhere to be seen this day though ://// heh

birthday saturday at zuni.

YUM. the food was absolutely SPLENDID. after dinner, we took an uber to southern pacific brewing where we met up with a bunch of my friends, babbled, and had wayyy to many drinks. thanks to everyone for a fantastic birthday!!!


andra halvan av min födelsedag! åt middag med siri på fantastiska zuni café och fick tjusigt paket! sen åkte vi till härliga southern pacific brewing och skålade i tusen drinkar och kramades med alla mina kompisar och skrekbabblade tills jag fick ont i halsen. SÅ FIN födelsedag TACK ALLA!!! tack ni som grattat mig online med herreguuuu vad det betyder massor. puss!!



Grattis! Vilken fin födelsedag du haft 😊

tack!! det hade jag verkligen, herregudars. mkt tacksam!

Åh så underbar bukett och så bra födelsedag <3

exakt så!! så himla glad över min fina födelsehelg!




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