some thoughts on national eating disorder awareness week.

this week is national eating disorder awareness week. i feel like i want to and/or need to talk about this….


highlights from the week.

monday’s back! are you ready? i’m having a great time at work, so i’m actually both happy and ready. i…


☀ day and night. ☾

happy friday! plz let’s do out best to get through this last day before the weekend. here’s the ultimate morning/evening…


pretty in pink.

i have a new shirt! or actually, more than one because i’ve bought a few tops lately, but since the…


self(ie) love.

because the rain never stops! because self-love. because selfies are important and because sometimes i can be cute too. i…


three apps i like.

i really like finding apps that i like and find useful. since my iphone is so important to me (and…


weekend highlights.

hello monday. hope you had a good weekend. mine was good, and although it was ”just” a weekend like so…


two to watch.

i literally never go to the cinema or watch movies in general. so that’s why my already 2 theatre visits…


staying in the u.s.

happy friday, folks. i thought i’d end the work week with a lighter post here by answering a question i…


what i’m consuming right now.

the other week, i received my first-ever company-blogger gift sent to me since i moved to the us. kind of…