outfits 2016: january to april.

happy sunday, my friends. besides the food summaries i do every year, i also look back on my outfits from the year that has passed. because food and clothes are the best things in life, non?
my 2015 outfit summaries can be found here: part 1, part 2, part 3.

now, let’s move on to 2016.



i was in snowy stockholm and wore a wool coat from h&m together with my beloved super long scarf from gudrun sjödén.


and a lot of black, like this two-textured top and thick socks one cold stockholm day.


i spent some time in norway too, where i worked in retail = standing up and walking around all day. besides my dr martens with heels and gym shoes, i hadn’t brought any flats, so one morning, i ran across the street from our store to buy these rose gold sneakers to wear at work. perfect, huh?


i had recently lost my expensive marc jacobs umbrella 🙁 so i was on the hunt for something to protect me from the rain. found this black rain coat on the winter sale in oslo. (question though—who wore it best, me or kanye?)



february! and back in san francisco. i could finally go back to my denim jacket that i wore so much it started falling apart. plus the bordeaux marc by marc jacobs bag who has been my partner in crime since 2011 (!).


one day in hayes valley, i wore a vintage varsity jacket plus the putin you can’t sit with us tote (that i also loved way too much, cause it broke shortly after).


one day at h&m, i found this pink crop top that had a makeup stain on it for $1 (!!!). i washed it and it was completely gone. so awesome.


and one sunny day, i took a six hour walk with patty in my crazy jungle jumpsuit, which is actually one of my oldest pieces in my wardrobe, at least that i have here in the u.s..



in march, i went to a james bond-themed party and dressed up in a black and white dress plus orange clutch that i bought way back when i lived in france once.


i traveled to portland, where it was early spring weather, so sweatshirt over my red dress worked just fine.


back in sf, i went hunting for more crop tops and found this one that i brought with me home.


and at the little store lavish in hayes valley, i found the cutest ramen pin.



at the end of april, i turned 25! my favorite day of the year. in the morning, i dressed up in my floral dress, and mark who’s a fashion designer let me embroider a cheerleader on the back of my denim jacket.


i treated myself to new sneakers as a birthday gift to myself. white nike theas.


for my big birthday party with all my friends later, i wore my black lace playsuit that i love so much.


mark, oscar and brandon gave me this beautiful timbuk2 backpack for my birthday. i was so happy! it’s very me.



januari till april från mitt outfitår 2016! började i kalla sverige och norge ganska påpälsat, och sen flög jag tillbaka till san francisco där jag kunde fortsätta i kjolar och magtröjor resten av våren.



POW POW POW snygging! Totalälskar ju den där grönmönstrade långa klänningen på dig, mwah.

å, det är en jumpsuit, men TACK ändå guldis!! <3

aw, right back at ya.

ÄLSKAR bilden på dig i din superbilliga rosa crop top. Får mig att verkligen minnas att det kommer bli varmare igen <3

å! tack. jaaaaa det kommer hända, och det snart! <3

Haha, du slår Kanye med hästlängder, Vicky! 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

haha, YESSS. i knew it.

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