food 2016: may to august.

a couple of days ago, i posted the first part of some of the stuff i’ve eaten this year. today, it’s time for may to august. i must say though, that i realized when i was putting together this post that it’s gonna be a bad one. as i’ve mentioned on the blog earlier, my summer was pretty shitty .. and this definitely manifested in what and how i was eating. whatever, let’s just go through it:



may was still a great food month! in the very beginning of may, i had post-birthday brunch at straw with aleigh and louise. look at all this amazingness!


in the middle of may, i traveled here to new york (because i was still living in san francisco as you know), and tried out the veggie meatballs at the meatball shop in chelsea.


and at the end of may, my lovely friend olivier came to san francisco to visit me for graduation. one day, me, him and ivana went for brunch at 398 brasserie and i had AMAZING huevos rancheros.


me and olivier ate a lot during his visit. another morning, we went to the pretty little place huxley, and i had this fancy open-faced salmon sandwich with potatoes and a poached egg.



one day in june, siri finally took me to sweet maple where i had wanted to go for a long time, and i had this artwork of a nutella and strawberry crêpe!


me, jens and mark has deep dish pizza at little star (<— love that place).


and of course i had to pay a visit to honey honey, one of my go-to brunch spots in sf, and ordered the egg and cheese croissant with homefries. yuuMMmmmM.


and this one. this is a sushi bowl from sushi taka, mine and aleigh’s favorite lunch place in financial. she was moving to barcelona, so we had to grab one last meal from our favorite sushi guys.



ATTENTION. this ramen from mensho in sf is THE BEST RAMEN i’ve ever had. across the board. ever!!!! also it’s vegan but 1000% you won’t believe it. GO HERE, EAT IT, THANK ME


and the rest of the summer, it starts getting pretty bad with my food/anxiety/eating/food pictures/. here’s some jell-o shots that louise made for a day in the park.


and some snacks with siri in the sun in another park.


.. and some san pellegrino with nastasja in also a park. (i know 75% of the july pictures aren’t even food … i just don’t have any other ones.)



tartine is a cute (but very hyped) café in the mission. i sat down with cissi one day and had two of their little sweets.


me and lisa went to a street party in the mission mission and had elotes.


and literally the only other food picture i’ve taken in august (my worst month of 2016) was this lunch with cissi at the super hipstery craftsman & wolves in the mission.

sorry about the shitty food pics in this post—i don’t know if i just didn’t eat properly, or if i just didn’t take pictures of it. but (i’m gonna stop complaining about this, just need to make it clear a final time) i had a terrible summer. soooo i was probably in bed crying instead of eating fabulous dinners with friends.

the fall was better, though! so part 3 of 2016 foods is gonna be better. promise. xx



del två av mitt matår 2016. tyvärr var min sommar skit, så jag åt väl bara skit också, eller så var jag helt enkelt för ledsen för att fota. har verkligen knappt några matbilder alls från sommaren. men del tre, sista delen av året, blir så mycket bättre—lovar! puss.




Och hoppas verkligen 2017 blir snällt mot oss <3

fina ni e! tack tack <3

Åh, jag vill bara krama dig Vicky! Ingen fara med bristen på matbilder, livet måste få vara livet! Jag är bara så glad att du inte är kvar i det där ångestiga tillståndet <3 <3 <3

aww. så fina ord. tack gullis!

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