back on the bernal summit.

HI. i’m kind of back on track. i’ve been a little off lately, still being sick and on antibiotics ETC…



hey hi hello! here’s a totally unrelated picture of me that nastasja took of me when she was here last year. cute…


it was so difficult, it was so sad sometimes, living in reality.

so. i’ve finally gotten through the 814 pages that is hanya yanagihara’s a little life. i first heard about it through…


if you take away my birth control i’ll just make more feminists.

it’s rainy, cold, and i’m sick and on antibiotics. let’s cheer up with internet gems today. • 61 of the…


outfits 2016: september to december.

hello tuesday! you guys are so sweet by the way, thanks for the love you keep giving every damn day….


moma masterpieces.

before i left new york, i went to the moma and took you guys with me through one photo every hour,…


what i’m up to next.

so, as you’ve seen me hinting this past week, i have a new chapter starting now. let me explain what’s…


outfits 2016: may to august.

time for the second part of my outfit year 2016! may to august is up. find part 1 here. may:…


my last day in new york.

if you’re following me on instagram, you’ve probably seen where i am by now, but before we jump to that…


from my disposable camera (and new things soon).

hey guys, sorry for going mute on you for a few days. i was in the middle of packing my…