books 2016.

just like last year, i thought i’d do a quick wrap-up of all the books i’ve read this year. there’s 13 of them! here they are, presented by me-holding-them-against-a-white-wall, aka vicky’s different nail polishes 2016:


volvo lastvagnar by erlend loe is a hilarious norwegian book about nothing. (here‘s a more detailed post about it)


the elegance of the hedgehog by muriel barbery is a very particular story about the little lives of some people living in an upscale paris building. i liked it. and here‘s a post about it.


det är något som inte stämmer by martina haag about a divorce was a simple read, but so so sad.


a hilarious, yet touching, comic book album about running long distances! so accurate. check out my post with more pictures from it here.


i don’t really remember that much form lena’s book, but there were a lot of duderish assholes of course. i’ve written a few lines on this book and martina haag’s det är något som inte stämmer here.


terrible white balance, sorry about that. however, nina åkestam is the queeniest lady out there and in meningen med hela skiten she has kind of laid out what felt like lifehacks and how to navigate a life and an industry like for example advertising. loved this one.


murakami …. old chap. unlike most of his other books, this one is totally non-fictional and consists basically only of interviews with people involved in the sarin gas attack in the tokyo subway in 1995. i found it extremely interesting. here‘s my post about it.


the next book in line was also a murakami one. i have read almost all of murakami’s books, and i love him. i liked this book too, but it didn’t really stand out to me particularly. here‘s a post about it anyways.


this one is murakami’s first-ever novel, the one that made him famous, printed anew. and i can’t understand how he got discovered through this one? i love his writing, but i really didn’t like this one. zzzzzz.


pusheen!!! the cutest facebook cat. ok, this isn’t really a BOOK, but whatever. here‘s a post about this one as well as murakami’s hear the wind sing.


omg. uten personlig ansvar by lena andersson was the most painful book i’ve read this year, just like its precedent (egenmäktigt förfarande). the way ester’s lover olof treats her is just …. too familiar. too painful. wow. here‘s my post about it.


i told you about john green’s an abundance of katherines very recently, so i’m not gonna repeat myself too much—but i like john green.


this year’s last book that i haven’t told you about is murakami’s the strange library. it’s a very very weird book, a very short story, and told in a very visual and particular way with big print and esoteric pictures. i read this one in like 45 minutes, and it felt like a dream. the whole story kind of IS a dream. but that’s just how he writes, i guess.

that was all for this year! looking forward to a 2017 filled with great books. and if you’ve read any fantastic books this year—please let me know!



här e en kort sammanfattning av alla böcker jag läst i år!



vilken härlig sammanfattning, Vicky! de bästa böckerna jag har läst i år är ”ett år av magiskt tänkande” av joan didion, ”i varje ögonblick är vi fortfarande vid liv” av tom malmquist, ”the night circus” av erin morgenstern och ”modern lovers” av emma straub. kanske du hittar någon du gillar bland dem?

tack för tipsen! ska se om jag får tag på någon av dem. kram!

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