favorite museums around the world.

november might not be the most popular month, but you can’t deny that it’s a great one for going to museums, right? i thought i’d gather a few museums around the world that i really like. since they’re spread out around the globe, maybe this post isn’t immediately relevant for everyone—but save this post for when you’re traveling to some of these places!

new york.

⇒ 9/11 memorial museum. 180 greenwhich st. new york.

this was the most intense museum experience i’ve had. it looks tiny from the outside, but takes hours—so plan on having both time and mental energy. it’s placed underneath where the twin towers used to stand and is filled with pictures, history, debris from that day and other memorabilia. i. cried. so. much.

cal academy

california academy of sciences. 55 music concourse dr. san francisco.

cal academy is a little bit like a museum, and a lot like a rain forest and aquarium. thursday nights are *adult* nights and they serve drinks while you can stroll and get lost at staring at the magic jellyfish for ages.

palais lascaris

palais lascaris. 15 rue droite. nice.

palais lascaris is very interesting. it’s hidden in a small alley in nice’s old town, and once you go in there, you are immediately transported back in time. it’s a 17th century artistocrat building and musical instrument museum. it’s like you’re walking around in someone’s private castle (which you kind of are).


fotografiska. stadsgårdshamnen 22. stockholm.

fotografiska is a pretty new museum for contemporary photography in stockholm. i’ve been there a few times and it’s always been super well curated, and sometimes they have cute unplugged live shows upstairs in the café.

museum of broken relationships.

museum of broken relationships. 6751 hollywood blvd. los angeles.

just like the 9/11 museum, be sure to have some mental energy when going in here, because it’s basically a collection of broken hearts. it’s a crowd-sourced museum where people have sent in memorabilia together with a story about their object. so heartbreaking. but also beautiful.

olivier visiting / friday.

sf moma. 151 3rd st. san francisco.

san francisco’s museum of modern art finally opened in may this year after being remodeled for about three years. i didn’t live in sf before the remodeling, but the new version of the museum is just SPLENDID. if you’re into modern art like me, it’s probably one of the top modern art museums in the world. BUT there are seven floors—so plan on spending many hours here.


⇒ museum of sex. 233 5th ave. new york.

when i write this, i’ve just come home from visiting the museum of sex (separate post is on its way!). a pretty big and extensive museum with several different exhibitions tapping into various aspects of sex (today when i went, hardcore sex, animal genitalia, and the sex in the 70s were some of the exhibitons). fun and interesting!


villa vizcaya. 3251 s miami ave. miami.

vizcaya is a renaissance-inspired villa right by the water in miami. it was a private property before, but is now a museum with beautiful italian renaissance gardens. it’s so sunny and quiet here, and i totally imagined this being the villa of the great gatsby. feels exactly like that.


astrup fearnley museum of modern art. strandpromenaden 2. oslo.

what immediately strikes you with astrup fearnley is the fantastic architecture inspired by a ship. when i was there, i found some parts more better than others. sometimes i found the areas weren’t used in the best possible way maybe, but however the damien hirst exhibition (i think it’s a permanent one) is FANTASTIC.

last day in san francisco.

antique vibrator museum. 1620 polk st. san francisco.

this mini museum is hidden in the back of the sex shop good vibrations, so it might be hard to find if you don’t know about it. so interesting about a phenomenon that has existed for so long (but not that evident in mainstream media because it was taboo for so long). very small but interesting.

do you have any tips on fantastic museums i have to visit? share please!



tio museer runtom i världen jag tycker är värda ett besök. kanske svårt att bara kryssa av rakt av eftersom de är så utspridda, men spara inlägget tills du ska resa till nån av dessa ställen vettja! och tipsa gärna om museer jag borde besöka. puss



älskar detta! kan verkligen slå ett slag för victoria & albert museum i london + russell-cotes museum i bournemouth om du skulle ha vägarna förbi!

å! det ska jag lägga på minnet. tack chrissybejbs!

Jag håller med Chrissy ovan, om Victoria and Albert. Där kan en gå i timmar!

Om du gillar porträtt kan jag rekommendera National Portrait Gallery, också i London, och även National Gallery. Där har de gratis en timmes ”taster tours” där en gullig brittisktalande guide tar dig med genom samlingarna. Det brukar vara 4-5 olika tavlor från olika epoker och eftersom de väljer olika tavlor varje gång kan du gå flera gånger om du vill. Detta är min absoluta favvo att göra i London!

Om du någon gång har vägarna förbi Danmark kan jag rekommendera Louisiana i Humlebäck. Grymma utställningar och även en så fin och vacker plats och byggnad!

vad kul, det ska jag lägga på minnet. och har velat åka till louisiana superlänge (har till och med åkt förbi med tåget!). tack, malin!

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