happy halloween!

happy halloween monday! i hope all of you are either dressing up to work/school/whatever today, or that you did this…


the instagram tunnel in chelsea and dinner in brooklyn.

happy friday, guys! weekend in just a few hours. let’s look at the second part of my sunday (you already know the…


ten things from my bucket list.

→ pick chantarelles. → go to the salt flats in bolivia (here is a list of 11 places i wanna travel to,…


a post about fat people.

this weekend, i went to an art show in brooklyn. since it’s in new york, what else could be expected…


q&a: about creativity, dream projects and my dream house.

here are some more q&a’s from you guys! previous part about new york and where i would/wouldn’t want to live…


under the manhattan bridge.

i had such a lovely sunday. woke up to this view outside my window. which i do every day, not…


three amazing things about donald trump.

i’m sure most of you are wondering how the phrases ”amazing” and ”donald turmp” can belong in the same sentence….


stockholm in california.

let’s check out the second part of the saturday when i went to los angeles over a day. first half…


the worst list.

the worst food: i’m surprisingly non-picky with food. i love all cuisines, and i’m usually fine with eating pretty much…


about the move to new york, and other places i would(n’t) live in.

i’m wondering about how it feels now with the move to new york? have you managed to land yet after…