throwback thursday: U.S. travels.

it’s throwback thursday here on the blog. as you know, i’m flying over to chicago in one and a half week. i’m excited. i’ve never been to the midwest before. let’s have a look at the places i have been to in the u.s.

new york 2009.
nba store.

central park.

this was my first-ever trip to the u.s. (while i was still living in sweden (and going to one million festivals!)). me and my ex robin flew to new york for ten days and did tourist stuff ONLY. like hanging out at central park, times square and at the statue of liberty. oh well, i guess that’s stuff you do during your first nyc visit.

new york 2013.
5 pointz.

5 pointz.

in 2013, i was in new york again. this time, alone, and as a part of my one-month backpack in the caribbean. i did the total opposite and hung out at as few touristy spots i could. instead: small jazz clubs in greenwich village and around the graffiti collective 5 pointz.

miami 2013.
miami skydiving.


so, after new york, i went around in the caribbean, and my last stop before heading back to sweden was miami. i skydived and saw a snake in the national park everglades.

los angeles 2014.
highway 1.


this was my first trip anywhere after actually moving to california: los angeles. me, carl-hampus, jonath, jacob and susanna drove down, hung out in the sun, did tourist shit (ugh whyy) and did some shopping for like three days before we drove all the way up the beautiful hwy 1 again.

yosemite 2014.


my friends moa and matilda visited from sweden and we went to yosemite. we hiked through this beautiful scenery, and then spent a night at a motel outside fresno that felt like a murder motel. also, their key looked kind of like my marc jacobs one.

maui 2015.
haleakala: pipiwai trail & the seven sacred pools.


last year, me and jens went to maui for 3,5 weeks and ate fresh mangos from our neighbors’ tree every morning, snorkled with turtles and walked in a magic bamboo forest.

san diego 2015.
san diego. sunday.

san diego. monday.

for thanksgiving last year, i flew down to san diego to visit my friend miro who studied there at the time. we hung out at so many different beaches and ate the best fish tacos i’ve ever had.

portland & seattle 2016.
portland - kerns.


in march, i went up to beautiful beautiful portland for a few days. there, i met up with lucas, pedro and ricardo, and we took a one-day roadtrip up to seattle. oregon and washington was so beautiful!

new york 2016.
new york.

new york.

in may, you might remember that i went to new york for a few days for an advertising industry event. we were 8 people in an airbnb that would fit like 5 but it was ok. i mingled with 1000 people, went to the wtc memorial museum (<3) and ate at the meatball shop.

chicago 2016.

bring it on. ☼


throwback thursday på temat alla ställen jag rest till i usa.

2009 var min första gång i usa och new york och jag och mitt ex var ultraturistiga i tio dagar. 

2013 backpackade jag i karibien, men började i new york. höll mig borta från manhattan denna gång. efter att ha hoppat runt i karibien stannade jag i miami (också 2013 alltså). hoppade fallskärm och hängde i nationalparken everglades.

2014 hade jag flyttat till kalifornien och los angeles var första resan. roadtrippade ner med ett gäng över några dagar.

2014 kom också mina kompisar moa och matilda på besök och vi körde till vackra yosemite och vandrade.

2015 åkte jag och jens till maui i nästan en månad och låg på stranden mest och dök med sköldisar.

2015 åkte jag till san diego över thanksgiving och hängde med min vän miro och käkade världens godaste fish tacos.

2016 stack jag iväg till portland och seattle i några dagar. det var SÅ fint där uppe!

2016 åkte jag tillbaka till new york, för det måste man ju då och då. minglade mest med reklamfolk men hann med lite fritid också.

2016 snart händer chicago också. en och en halv vecka kvar!


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