re-runs of the vicky show.

hello and happy monday, my loves. i was thinking of recording a vlog today, mostly because i haven’t posted one in 3+ months (!!), but then i thought that 1) i don’t really feel like talking to a camera today, and 2) i know the internet is pretty dead the second half of july, and many of you are out on vacation not reading this anyways (i’m all for beaches and tanning though, go go go).

so i thought i’d post three old vlogs instead! it was so long time ago either way, and you might have missed them before or something, so let’s look at them again:

the story about my two-dollar bill.
the very happy and amazing story about my encounter with *the rare breed that is the two-dollar bill*

the six and a half language vlog.
just me being a showoff, since languages is like my only talent ~lol~

the english vlog premiere.
when i started vlogging last summer, it was in swedish. when i switched the whole blog to english in august, i switched the vlogging language too. this was the first english one, when me and jens are out walking in sf.

that’s all for today. vlog will be back in a while, same time same show same channel ✌


tänkte vlogga idag .. meeeeen sen ändrade jag mig. här är tre gamla vloggar istället om ni missat!



alltså såg språkvideon för typ tredje gången nu, älskar’n!!! <3 du har så himla gullig röst, särskilt när den ändra lite lite lite tonläge mellan de olika språken. så himla WOW:igt, önskar jag kunde, mvh svensken4evah

FIN DU ÄR! tack <33333

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