11 places i wanna travel to.

even though i traveled to portland and new york not too long ago, i feel like traveling more. partly because —wanderlust always of course — and partly because i don’t really know when or where i’ll be able to travel next (one of the big changes about graduating after studying literally my WHOLE life). here are 11 places i’d love to go:



the architecture here! this city looks like a huge niki de saint-phalle sculpture, and although hopping around europe a lot, i can’t remember even being to spain (maybe when i was a baby?). need!!!



as you might know, i went to the german school growing up and have been to germany many times. but not to berlin!!!!! except for when i was super small. need to go back. i think i’d love it here. berlin is on the list of one of the places i might consider movin to if i don’t get a visa here in the u.s. (but fingers crossed).



the one nordic country i haven’t been to. would love to hike across moonlike landscapes and take a bath in the hot springs and look at the trees that don’t exist.



don’t get me wrong! i’ve been here a few times before since my dad’s side of the family is from here (and still live there). but the last time i was there was six years ago and i need to go back! so badly.

rio de janeiro.


i’m so fascinated by the way this city is laid out. the metropolitan area by the coastline, the favelas up along the hillside, the beach and city so close together and the beautiful silhouette of the mountains. want to go and hike up to watch the city from above and then party and dance outside all night long.

new orleans.


i’ve never been to the american south, but i really want to experience the culture with the totally different food, music, vibe, architecture and history than the big metropolitan cities i usually hang out in. i think i would love to do that for a couple of days.

transsiberian railway.


HOW cool wouldn’t it be to cross russia by train? i would absolutely love it. i think. i really want to, at least. with a friend to be quiet with, look out through the train window and take pictures with.



ok. so, since i’m half polish, warsaw is the city in the world that i’ve been to the most since i hung out here a lot while growing up. BUT, as it turns out, i haven’t been there in about ten years. and i really wanna go! especially for the food. polish food is the BOMB.

salt flats.


there are salt flats in utah too, but i believe the ones in bolivia are more beautiful. or, if not, then at least it’s bolivia and not u.s., which sounds more fun. either way, take me here. now.



south east asia is oddly enough a place i’ve never been to! i think thailand would be a lovely place to start though. i want to spend weeks navigating through simmering cities and floating along beautiful rivers when i’m not hanging out at the beach.

south africa.


south africa seems to be such a fascinating and interesting place. i’m really interested in how the culture came to be the way it is now and learn more. in addition to just exploring the crazy beautiful surroundings, of course.

AH. this is the first time in a long time i don’t have a ticket booked anywhere. i hope it can happen soon. some other places i’d love to go to are for example moscow, galapagos, going back to mexico city, peru, kenya, okinawa and india. let’s?


för första gången på hur länge som helst har jag ingen resa inbokad nånstans. vilket såklart triggar reslusten lite extra. elva ställen jag vill åka till är alltså barcelona, berlin, island, tillbaka till tokyo, rio, new orleans, åka transsibiriska järnvägen, tillbaka till warszawa, saltöknen i bolivia, thailand och sydafrika. låt oss?!



Kan intyga värdheten (hittade precis på det ordet) på de ställen jag varit = Barcelona, Berlin och New Orleans. Sen lyckades du pricka in typ alla ställen jag vill åka till men inte besökt än!

yay! är så pepp på att dra dit. eller, överallt alltså.

säger som Linnéa ovan, kan intyga värdheten på Barcelona och Berlin. och du, hade älskat att åka transibiriska! lång tågresa för tystnad, samtal och läsning i flera dagar <3 och blev sjukt sugen på att resa till Island! och du lyckades göra Rio intressant, en stad jag aldrig känt nåt alls inför tidigare. tack för tips! 🙂

vad härligt att höra! 🙂

Härlig reseinspiration! Jag kan varmt rekommendera Barcelona, Island och transsibiriska järnvägen! Idag har jag förresten skrivit ett inspirationsinlägg om just Island: http://www.freedomtravel.se/2016/06/islandsfeber-5-anledningar-att-alska-island/

freedomtravel: nu kom den fram! måste helt klart till alla dessa ställen.

isa: vad kul att du också vill dit! verkar sååå fint.

Helena FREEDOMtravel

Kom min kommentar fram… eller fastnade den i skräpkorgen?


Rio är mitt drömresmål ALLA kategorier!! ta med mig dit, please? <3

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