8 digital life hacks.

one photo every hour, april.

happy monday! in the name of productivity, i have a couple of life hacks to share with you today. actually, unlike traditional ”in real life-hacks”, all of them are ~*digital*~ in some way. here you go!

1. cycle feature on google maps.
are you not in the mood for walking up hills if you’re walking somewhere and following google maps for directions? just choose the ”bike” feature, and google maps will reroute to show you a flat way to get to your destination.

2. list of user names.
one thing i HATE is wasting time on trying all the different combinations of usernames, email addresses and passwords on different homepages. i keep a note on my computer where i write down the username (not passwords!!) for all logins. that way, you don’t have to try as many combinations, and you don’t have to expose your passwords anywhere in case someone finds it. if you’re on a mac, though, you can also choose to password protect your notes.

3. iphone air level.
tired of never hanging up posters straight? if you have an iphone, go to the compass app and swipe right to access a digital air level. then, you can just align you phone to whatever it is you’re hanging up on the wall!

4. instagram map.
do you wanna show someone that one picture you took in france three years ago but don’t feel like scrolling through literally your whole insta feed? don’t forget the little map pin feature on your profile (the button next to the photos you’re tagged in). there, you can just zoom in on the map and access the pictures from that location.

5. recently closed tabs.
did you just accidentally swipe away a safari tab on iphone? hold the plus sign at the bottom to access your recently closed tabs.

6. keyboard shortcuts.
take some time to learn a few keyboard shortcuts in for example photoshop. it saves so much time, especially if you — like me — blog, or edit a lot of photographs. some of the ones that i always use for all my pictures are for example ⌘+o to open, ⌘+alt+i to change the image size and ⌘+shift+e to flatten the image.

7. file names.
too many times have my file names been something like ”final.jpg”, ”final2.jpg”, ”REALfinal.jpg”, ”finalfinal.jpg”. just name them with version numbers (”file_v1.jpg”, ”file_v2”, etc.) or dates (”file_may22”, ”file_june18”).

8. unsubscribe emails.
OMG this is like my most favorite least favorite thing to do, if you understand what i mean. instead of just deleting every. single. junk. email. every. single. day., just take an extra second to unsubscribe from them, and there is one less junk email to take care of. all of them have an unsubscribe link at the bottom!

saturday wth jens. mao

åtta digitala lifehack till er idag!

♣ använd cykelfunktionen på google maps om du vill undvika backar

♣ ha ett dokument där du skriver ner användarnamn till alla sidor så slipper du testa 1298479 olika kombinationer

♣ swipea höger i kompassappen på iphone för digitalt vattenpass så kan du hänga posters och annat rakt

♣ tryck på kartfunktionen i instagram (knappen bredvid dina taggade bilder) så kan du visa bilder du tagit nånstans för flera år sedan utan att behöva scrolla igenom hela feeden

♣ tryck och håll på plustecknet i safari på iphone om du vill komma åt dina senast stängda fönster

♣ lär dig kortkommandon i photoshop om du vill spara 10000% tid när du redigerar bilder

♣ döp filnamn till versioner eller datum istället för ”final”, ”realfinal”, ”finalfinal” osv

♣ avregistrera skräpmejl. SÅ mkt satisfaction på detta



Briljant lista Vicky! Tack!

Så många bra tips! Hade ingen aning om alla de där grejerna en kan göra med sin iphone. Wiho!

Så jäkla mycket bra! Har tänkt så länge på att göra det där dokumentet med användarnamn. Ska göra det nu 😀

Så många bra tips!

Bra liste, her var det mye jeg ikke har visst eller tenkt på!

Grym lista!

Jag kan bara instämma i hyllningskören! Tack för tipsen <3

Alltså nummer 7 hahahaha SÅN igenkänningsfaktor!!!

tack gullisar! lifehacks for life!

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