collected guides and tips.

over the months and years, the number of guides and tips here on the blog has been growing steadily. today, i thought i’d collect a bunch of them. hopefully you’ll discover something new, especially if you haven’t hung out here for a super long time. here we go:

travel guides.


traveling 4 ever. in the menu to the right (if you’re on desktop that is — if you’re reading this on your phone, scroll to the bottom), i have gathered my travel guides. to san francisco, nice, maui, san diego and an oslo veggie burger guide. i’m updating the sf one constantly since i live here, and there is a mini portland guide coming up!



a while back, i listed the blogs i read in four parts. they can be found here, here, here and here, but also in the sidebar menu under ”blogs i read”.



i don’t cook that often, but sometimes i do, and some of those times, my recipes might end up here. for example the ones for a mushroom and sundried tomato pasta, a super smoothie bowl, a pannacotta with white chocolate and blueberries or scones. last year, when i hadn’t eaten meat for 10 years, i made a collected post with a bunch of recipes.

lifehacks and advice.


i’ve written a couple of posts with thoughts on life, advice or tips. like for example five tips before starting college, the secret but not so secret life hack, my five best writing advice and ten tips that will make traveling easier.

insta tips.


i love instagram so much! and i really think i can brag about how many amazing accounts i follow. throughout the years, i’ve posted so many insta tips for you. for example my favorite cat instagrams, dog instagrams, different is beautiful instagrams and four instagram hashtags. not too long time ago gathered (at least tried to) all my insta tips at the end of this post.

other stuff.

saturday outfit + pizza.

if you want to listen to me talk about berghs and moving to san francisco, you can listen to that podcast episode of källan here. i’ve also participated in källan sharing my (a little darker) story growing up with anxiety and being self-destructive here.  i’ve also for example written about how it was not drinking for three months.

hope i’ve managed to pick ut at least something new and interesting for you to check out! most of my post are (hopefully) kind of searchable, either in the little search bar or through the categories in the sidebar. happy monday :*


jag har samlat ihop lite blandade guider och tips från både nyligen och längesen. hoppas det finns nåt som ni inte sett tidigare som kan vara kul eller intressant. puss!




men å, tack jessica! <33

Tack för det här inlägget! Jag har ju ganska nyligen upptäckt din blogg, så det finns nu massor att förkovra sig i 😀 Älskar reseguider och hoppas verkligen att jag kan komma iväg till USA sommaren 2017 och då kommer jag garanterat använda dina guider.

Jag länkar förresten till en lista om mat på min blogg, som jag tror att du skulle gilla. Du känns också som en person som tycker om blogg-listor 🙂

vad kul! och du måste ju helt klart dra en usa-vända. fin lista! den kanske kommer upp här också inom kort 🙂

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