saturday through my phone.

i spent this past saturday with siri. i started the day by taking a little twenty minute walk down to polk street…


so i stop answering the phone, i stop asking permission, and soon he’s completely gone, like being grounded over christmas break or some other terrible thing that seemed like it would last forever.

let me tell you about two books i’ve read recently. not that kind of girl is the first one, that i…


♦ room & roomies. ♦

so, when i came back from scandinavia about a month ago, i moved away from the apartment in soma where i…


heart of palm.

some of you might already know of the creative initiative monthly makers in the swedish blogosphere. each month, anyone can contribute for…


hump day happiness.

so. wednesday. the middle of the week (actually, as for me, i only have class monday, tuesday and wednesday —…


mini travel guide: a weekend in san diego.

as for me, i have spring break (my last one ever!!!!) coming up in four weeks. maybe you guys have some…


the best things right now.

→ when it’s cold in the city and the second you step into dolores park, it’s like a warm bubble…


the 25 km walk: hummingbirds and the ocean.

the other day, i told you about the first half of mine and patty’s six and a half hour walk,…


zucchini pasta (and bieber).

happy friday! hope you’re about to have a fantastic weekend. i will do my best to have one, at least….


get to know me.

i just saw that some other bloggers have been making presentations of themselves again recently. i think that’s neat! and in…