~*new clothes*~

the last year in san francisco i haven’t bought that many clothes. but somehow, always when i’m in oslo i manage to buy some new stuff. maybe because my stays in norway always coincide with winter sale : )

here are some new additions to my wardrobe from oslo!


i only brought one pair of shoes — heels — back to scandinavia, besides my indoor workout shoes (extremely important here in scandinavia what is indoor and outdoor shoes!!!11), and even though i’m extremely comfortable with walking in heels, working in retail = standing up for 8+ hours straight on concrete floors in heels ain’t good. so on my lunch break, i ran out to find some sneakers. and well, found these rose gold ones at din sko! they match my rose gold iphone perfectly.


new workout clothes = always needed. i mostly wear three quarter-long running pants, but this time, i got me some neon shorts and a  — here terribly depicted — mesh tank.


so, i work at the clothing store gudrun sjödén when i’m here, and when i came back for the season (totally unprepared for the cold), my boss gave me this super long, cozy and beautiful scarf from our store. i wear it all day long here. brr!


in december, after partying a little too hard, i lost both my new iphone and my umbrella. i got a new iphone but have still been looking for a worthy umbrella. but — then i ran into this rain coat! simple and light! love the look of this one. i feel like we could pretend that it’s a beautiful stutterheim or something, but it’s just from cubus. oh whatever.


and last but not least! the other day, ida, whose place i’ve been staying at the past few days gave me these sweeties! golden thin cute rings.

and that’s all! hopefully i won’t find more stuff, or else i won’t be able to get back to sweden afterwards …


har knappt köpt några kläder alls senaste året i san francisco, men hittar alltid en massa grejer på rean i oslo. detta är min skörd hittills:

♣ guldsneakers att ha på jobbet eftersom jag bara hade högklackade dr martens med mig och insåg att det ju inte går om man ska stå upp i en butik och jobba i 8+ timmar per dag.

♣ nya träningskläder! neonshorts och meshtopp.

♣ en lång fin mysig halsduk från gudrun sjödén (där jag ju jobbar) som min fina chef gav mig nu när jag kom tillbaka pga totalt oförberedd på skandinavienvädret.

♣ svart regnjacka från cubus.

♣ och så trippelt i guldringar som ida gav mig härom dagen!



Åh allt är så fint! Sjunger do diggiloo diggiley hela ti’n nu?

haha! perf ju. (men nu har jag den också på hjärnan .. damn you!)

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