almost missing the flight, polish food and death.

i am back in san francisco by now — or at least, i should be (posting this advance) — but i…


dinner tip: a top stockholm burger.

here comes a great burger tip for all you who will be hanging out in stockholm anytime soon! it’s like half-new…


one week in stockholm through 14 phone pics.

tomorrow, it’s time for me to go back to san francisco! can’t believe i’ve been away for over a month….


the terrible and wonderful reasons why i run long distances.

okay so don’t get this post title wrong. yes, i do run from time to time, but what i wanted to…


★♥★24h with three superstars.★♥★

finally finally finally came the weekend that was my only weekend in stockholm and the weekend i got to unite…


a vegan day in meal plates.

you might remember that one of my new year’s goals was to have one vegan day per week. i have…


the moon over hornsgatan and the theatre light bulbs.

i’m in stockholm! so happy to be back here in this beautiful city where i’m born and raised. it’s cold…


10 tips that will make traveling a little easier.

although it hasn’t been as much as i’ve wanted this last year, i still try to travel as often as…



maybe (probably) a bunch of you already know about monthly makers, a creative blogger challenge with a new theme each month….



i’m always SO surprised and happy when talented and amazing people out there want to spend their time and talent…