my five best monday tips.

♦ one documentary to watch: man on wire. ♦ one book to read: no one belongs here more than you which are lovely,…


first san diego moments.

as you know, i’m down in san diego for a couple of days over thanksgiving to visit my friend miro….


forever brunchin’.

let’s have a look at my beautiful first half of last sunday when i met flora (and by the way she…


green card.

i got a question about how it works with green card here in the u.s., so i did a vlog…


◊ x-mas wish list ◊

ok guys, it’s officially LESS THAN a month left until christmas. SO CRAZY. extra crazy since time stands still in…


burrito & that skyline.

on saturday, me and my partner in walking, jens, decided to walk south towards the mission and bernal heights. as…


two portraits.

hey my loves. hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. mine has been calm and just great. will tell you more…


the perfect shoes.

let’s unpack the box from the previous post! this little orange sausage wanted to help. it’s aleigh’s dog kal whom she…


blue denim, black denim and a secret pair of shoes.

happy friday! don’t these weeks pass by WAY quick?? i def think so. crazy. here is however a posing session…



i absolutely love having trips to look forward to. and now i am lucky to have a couple in the…