ten things that have happened lately.

◢ i’ve had time to watch stuff again. so i started with a new series. →orange is the new black…


dominatrix, dreamy tennis dress and other outfits.

per classic blogger style, here are some recent outfits of mine. so! i saw this absolute beauty the other day….


seven amazing links.

photographer deconstructs processed foods down to their chemical components. ew. seriously. fascinating but mostly sickening. especially the twinkies one, check that…


behind the scenes.

the other day, my photographer friend juanita asked me to do a photoshoot on pop culture with her. so i…


the six and a half language vlog.

BONJOUR my friends and happy freitag!!! i know several of you have been asking me to do a vlog with…


sunday prosecco.

last sunday was SUPER HOT. me and siri were out in golden gate park, and so were lots of other…


my five best writing advice for you.

as you know, i write. a lot. let me share five of my best writing advice with you ✎ one: find…


profile pictures throughout the years.

today, i changed my facebook profile pic. and why not take this day to check out some of my old…


saturday chill / saturnight mischief.

saturday was so good. started out like this: in dolores, my fav park. san francisco is soooo hot right now…


a wishlist for fall.

even if the california fall doesn’t look exactly as fall-y as this, it’s still what fall looks like in my head. and regardless of the weather,…