Decorating a house and building a home

What is it about decorating a house? I’ve moved around a lot throughout my life but I’ve always tried to make my homes exactly that—a home where I can unwind and recharge. There’s something about being able to turn any place into a home. I get an amazing amount of energy and pleasure from being in a beautiful space, and by the same account, I find it draining to be in a messy or dirty space. Living in a big house has taught me a thing or two about patience, perseverance and the beauty of time. I’ve lived here for a year and a half now, which isn’t very long, but it’s the longest I have lived in any one place since I was 15. I know, it’s wild. A year and a half in this house means that I’ve spent two Christmases here, that I’ve celebrated two of my birthdays here and that I’ve repotted most of the plants at least once, and some twice. I’ve seen plants outgrow their pots, a bit like I’ve outgrown the person I was when I first moved in.

I should’ve guessed, but decorating a house takes time. It takes patience and it takes perseverance. And it takes many bank holidays, like the one we just had where we finally painted the music room in the darkest of reds.

There is a sliiiight chance that I was overly optimistic about my ability to paint an entire room (with shelves) at 34 weeks pregnant. Luckily I wasn’t alone.

And luckily, it turned out amazing. We spend more time in the music room than we do in the lounge, yet most of the instruments have been hidden in a corner and the huge box of music literature has been, well, boxed in another corner. We’re not there yet but within a week or so I hope that the shelves will be up with instruments on top. I can’t wait.




Haha jag tänkte inte bara på att det verkade jobbigt att göra hela målarjobbet som gravid, utan också ”vem målar väggar med en sån liten pensel!?”


Haha ja det hade nog varit mycket jobbigt! Detta var dock bara när vi testmålade för att kolla färgen 🙂

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