When the grass is greener, yet not at all

We went on a house viewing today. Not because we’re looking to move (we’re not), but because it’s so rare that houses in our neighbourhood go on the market. People tend to stay in houses around here for decades, and once houses do go on sale they’re typically sold without any prior public viewings. So I was very intrigued when I saw that a house around the corner was going on sale and was open for viewings—like our house, it had an attic and a basement. Our attic is a bit of a shambles and so is the basement… And our garden. And our patio. And so many other things, so I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to get some inspiration.

Great patio.

We went to the viewing, and the house was gorgeous. It had so many of the things our house doesn’t. A big and sociable kitchen, a patio that’s part of the house and linked to the kitchen, open floor plan, and a pristine and impeccable garden. For sure, anyone would be lucky to get to live there. Yet I walked around this house that had so many of the things I’ve wished that our house had and I couldn’t stop myself from thinking that ”I love our house so much more”.

Our wonderfully wonky house.

Our house is wonky. It used to be a two-family house and is built accordingly. It has an awkwardly long and narrow dining hall, and then another long and narrow hallway. The kitchen is relatively small considering the size of the house, the garden is wild and unruly, and the patio feels like it’s on the other side of Malmö (in reality, it’s five metres away from the house). But it’s also wonderful and full of so much character that I’m yet to see in another house. It’s got more nooks and crannies than I can count, tilings that dreams are made of, and the most beautiful ceiling mouldings I’ve ever seen. I came back from the house viewing feeling very much in love with our house and inspired to get going with all the little projects I have in mind. The grass was certainly greener at the other house (as in, it literally was greener than ours), but our side of the fence still looks beyond amazing.


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