Life at home

I’m alive! Yes, I’m alive. And I’ve become used to spending 98% of my time at home and it’s even come to the point now where I’m actually enjoying it. I go for walks in the neighbourhood and every now and again I go to the shop and to the post office. Other than that, we stay at home. Life is changing in many ways and it feels very… Still. Yet, there are a lot of firsts in my life at the moment, and they’re mainly related to food. For the first time in my life, I’m making weekly meal plans. I’m also making smoothie bowls and posh porridge for breakfast almost daily, and I’ve even pickled onions for the first time (which was great by the way and I highly recommend it). I’m making my way through Tuvessonskan’s Käka Grönt and I find more joy than ever in setting the table with fresh flowers, linen napkins, and lots of little bowls of… stuff.

There are many silver linings. Although so many things are shit at the moment, I’m finding a lot of gratitude in the small yet big stuff. Like the fact that I’m so in love with the person I’m heading up a household with, and that we’re mentally and physically well. I’m also grateful that I actually have the energy to do something with the extra time that I now have. Apart from becoming a Smoothie Bowl Master™, I’m also sorting out many things at home that are long overdue.

Like setting up an actual work station. I doubt that I will return to the office before going on parental leave and I now finally have a desk!

The outdoor furniture is up and well used by, well, mainly me to be honest. And the other week we even had some visitors—Lisa and baby Eva came over for lunch in the sun.

Ages ago I found an antique paraffin lamp in the attic that neither H nor I had seen before, so our guess is it must’ve been here from the last owners. The top bit was broken so I’ve left it in the attic to rot, but with my new-found oceans of time I’ve ordered replacement parts online and look at it now! All we need now is a bit of oil to get it burning.

I’m constantly fighting the feeling that life has been cancelled, because it very much hasn’t been cancelled. There are two beating hearts in my body and it’s now only eight weeks or so until we will get to meet Baby B. A brand new little human who has no idea about Covid-19. Gosh, I’m so happy for him. And a little bit jealous. And very excited to be in his world starting very, very soon.




Heeej asså suktar över att måla min hall i samma blå färg som ditt vardagsrum (?). Vad är det för färg? 😍🎨✨😁


Hej! Det är färgen Stålblå från Beckers 🙂

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