Upside down

These past few weeks have kicked the absolute crap out of me. I know I’m not alone. It’s as though everything is upside down, uncertainty is running high and it’s impossible to know what the world will look like in just 24 hours. The markets are tumbling, all work plans need to be taken back to the drawing board, and, of course, none of this matters when you think about the bigger perspective and the fact that many elderly—including the ones in my life—seem to think that they, for some reason, won’t be affected by Covid-19.

*DEEP SIGH*. Regardless, the show must go on in whatever way possible. Both H and I have been working from home over the past two weeks and I’ve never been more grateful for living in such a big space. We take one floor each, have lunch together before going back to our respective offices and then meet for dinner. And repeat. I am also grateful that the schools haven’t closed. The house is big… But not that big.

My home office

This past week was meant to be a particularly busy week, with events happening almost every day. They were all, of course, cancelled. Christin and AB Småland took a particularly wonderful approach when they had to cancel their breakfast event. Instead of just cancelling the event altogether, they put together a goodie bag with fresh flowers, lunch, and bed linen from the very bedding collection the event was meant to promote and sent it to all the guests.

Such a clever way of getting the message out, amplifying it through social media, and making something great out of an otherwise pretty rubbish situation. Bravo.

There have been some other glimmers of hope these past weeks as well. Like going swimming for the first time in months, a direct result of getting my first parcel of maternity clothes delivered. Jamming in the music room with H and the kids. And yesterday I even went for a walk in the sun with Vanja. It’s difficult to notice with everything going on, but spring has arrived. And so has my third trimester. And before we know it, all of a sudden it will be mid-June, social distancing is a thing of the past, and Baby B is finally here.


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