Three phenomenal things on the internet atm

It’s been exceptionally rainy over the past few days (weeks?) and I haven’t really left the house other than going to the office. I have spent a lot of time online though! Here are some excellent pieces I’ve found over the past few days.

Boltenstern chopping onions

Chopping onions with BoltensternThere was a time in my life when I needed tops a half onion per meal. That was before I lived in a family of five. I did the math and these days I spend roughly two full days a year chopping onions. That’s an awful lot of onion chopping and an awful lot of time, so I was very intrigued when I read a blog post by Isabel on the Clas Ohlson onion chopper. I bought one yesterday and it has already changed my life. I did all of next week’s onion chopping in the course of minutes.


Swift in Miss Americana

Miss Americana on Netflix: I’ve never had much of an opinion when it comes to Taylor Swift, but I’ve obviously taken notice of how she’s been treated like absolute crap by the press (and Kanye West) over the years. So much of how she’s been portrayed is a textbook example of how women at large are treated by the public. She’s incredibly hard-working, has never done anything wrong in the public domain ever, and that apparently is reason enough to be labelled ”annoying”. It really goes to show that as a woman, you just can’t win. Anyway, I heard many good things about the Netflix documentary about her called Miss Americana, so I watched it this afternoon and wasn’t disappointed. I’m still not a particularly huge fan of her music, but I’m a huge fan of her.


Lorenz on CNN, explaining memes to the boomer generation

NYT’s Taylor Lorenz on the rise of memes in the US election: Two Taylors in one blog post! Oh well. Taylor Lorenz is NYT’s phenomenal internet culture reporter, and she’s recently toured all the big TV networks in the US explaining what memes are (lol) and how they’re used as a way to reach young voters and bypass the strict ads guidelines that are now in place on social networks such as Facebook. Taylor is an excellent reporter and she is also bloody hilarious, I highly recommend following her on Instagram to get the latest when it comes to TikTok, memes, and all the rest of it.



ÄLSKAR inlägg som de här, speciellt när jag har torka på Internetgrejor. +1 på allt du skrev om Swift-dokumentären för övrigt!


Åh så TYPISKT då att du redan visste om två av tre. Men då kan du få en bonus, en otroligt bra krönika i NYT om hur det känns att få reda på att ens ex dejtar Lady Gaga hehe. Älskade den! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/27/opinion/lady-gaga-boyfriend.html

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