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Hello! Every time I pop in here I think ”wow, am I really going to write that I’m having another wild week?”. But it’s true. I’m having another wild week and I’m so fortunate to get to live this life. We launched a big report at work this week (you can check it out here, in case you’re interested in how broken maps impact logistics companies in the US) and I’m so proud of the work my colleagues and I have pulled off together.

So yes, I’m having another wild week. Here are some other bits and bobs from the past few days.

I took this photo when I went to the bathroom the other day as I caught myself looking at this little shelf and thinking it was exceptionally pretty. To me, that’s just an indication of my current wellbeing. I’m in a great place, for no obvious reason at all, and I love that I’ve once again started appreciating the beauty in small, everyday stuff. And yes, I keep tampons out in the open. I consider it a tiny step towards destigmatising periods 🙂


I saw this and thought that ”yes, I do remember that”. It feels like a very long time ago, but it’s not. Last year I had a bit of a crisis as I figured I’d achieved most of my dreams, so where does the road lead from here? I always thought that most of my dreams were unachievable. And actually, growing up, many people around me told me that they were. Even so, life continues to deliver way beyond my wildest dreams. I don’t experience that same sentiment of feeling lost like I occasionally did last year. I think I’ve calmed down a bit and, ironically, that too was another dream of mine. To not feel like I always have to chase the next big thing, the next big move, the next big promotion. To be at peace.


I popped by St Jakobs today and had this year’s first semla. It was exceptional. I take my semla with vanilla cream, no almond icing for me sil vous plait.


And finally, I went to Mette Comsetique’s launch event this evening where I ran into parts of the JWHF gang and had phenomenal conversations about everything from social mobility to the blogging industry. I had so much energy when I cycled back home, which isn’t always the case after an after-work event.

Yes. A wild and glorious week indeed. And it’s only Wednesday!




älskar att följa din blogg. Det är något med sättet du skriver! Gör mig taggad på livet.


Åh vad roligt, vilken underbar kommentar. Tack snälla för att du skriver <3

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