A Saturday in London

I woke up in Shoreditch last Saturday for another day of London excursions.

I headed down to the lobby and read my book while waiting for Ivy to get ready. The lobby and the service were, by the way, the best things about staying at Nobu. The food is meant to be amazing but we only tried breakfast while we were there.

Not on Saturday though, on Saturday we headed to Hoi Polloi to have breakfast with Donata. Like Ivy, Donata is a former boss-turned-great-friend of mine. The two of them have such a special place in my heart. They actually came to my graduation ceremony when I graduated from university and almost didn’t go myself as, frankly, it would be the loneliest and saddest thing to go to my ceremony unaccompanied.

As per usual, the live band was making classical interpretations of rock and indie classics and it was great. Having a live classical band playing for brunch is something that several restaurants in London do. Bistrotheque in East London was the first place where I encountered this several years ago, but since then many others have followed suit.

Donata gave me a present which turned out to be a book titled ”What Mothers Do: Especially When it Looks Like Nothing” hehe.

Then I jumped on the bus. I was heading to Borough Market to see Patricia. We went to university together and Patricia has since stayed in London and now works as a reporter for the FT. Very cool indeed.

We went for a second brunch, nipped into the Tate for a bit, before going on a very, very long walk to the southern parts of south London. It was great seeing Patricia and my other London friends. I keep thinking that all of my London friends have left, because the vast majority of them have, but I really appreciate the ones that are still there.

I was reminded of that fact that I’m pregnant and my back can’t deal with walking and/or standing the way it used to (lol), so I hopped on the bus back to Shoreditch to go for an early dinner with Ivy. We opted for Pizza East, a former local of ours. Pizza East is located in the Tea Building, which is also the building where I did my first and last PR gig when still living in London.

It was just as great as I remembered.

We nipped out for ice cream at Boxpark, and only really because of how fun ice cream is at Boxpark.

And finally, we went back to Nobu where Ivy ordered a cocktail for our film night in. We ended up watching After the Wedding after recommendations from Jasmin. I’ve never before had two consecutive nights of watching films while staying at a hotel in central London, but I can highly recommend it.

And then we woke up the next day, went for a lovely brunch and a lovelier pedicure. And then cancelled trains meant that I almost missed my flight back home and I spent a good two hours in tears. But other than that, it was a phenomenal London weekend. Just what I needed.



Åh så härligt det ser ut!! <3


Det var otroligt! Tänker att ni kan ha en sån här helg i Berlin? En staycation! <3

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