My tarot cards and I

I’m a huge fan of science, data, and… tarot cards. Yes, it’s true. I was very dismissive of tarot cards and the culture around it until a friend of mine suggested that ”saying that you don’t believe in tarot cards is sort of like saying that you don’t believe in your own thoughts—the only thing tarot cards do is trigger thoughts about different situations”. That blew my mind. True, this is just one interpretation of tarot cards and how you can read them, but that is the interpretation that has guided my relationship with tarot cards since.

The tarot cards I use.

I don’t use my cards every day, but I sometimes lean on them when I get stuck in my thoughts about certain situations or happenings. If I don’t know where to turn, I can always count on the cards to help me get some clarity and see a path forward.

The reading I did this morning.

I did my first reading in over a year this morning before work. I opted for the balance reading as guided in my tarot book, which includes pulling three different cards where each card answers to a statement. The first card suggests an answer to the first statement, which in this case is ”what you might be lacking”. The card I pulled stands for integration, completion, attainment. It resonated a lot with me—I’ve felt a bit lonely and disconnected from my people this week, with H out of town and me working from home for two days, it’s been sort of lonely. The next card to pull answers to ”what you might need to release” and the card I got stands for loss, disappointment, outflow. It made me take a closer look and see if there were any of those things that have burdened me recently. Finally, the third card answers to ”what to keep in mind in approaching balance” and the card I pulled stands for cooperation, collaboration, feedback. It made me smile just a bit and, needless to say, it resonated a lot.

The card of three of pentacles: cooperation, collaboration, feedback.

Reading cards is, to me, just a thought exercise. It’s not about predicting the future or asking god/the universe for help (though that said, whatever floats your boat!). It’s a way to trigger new thoughts and to see things clearer. And it’s a way to check in with yourself. The cards aren’t be-all and end-all. Sometimes you might not at all agree with a card, and that to me is just as useful in checking in with yourself. I love my cards and they’re serving me well. If you’re at all interested in this sort of stuff, I’d highly recommend getting a deck.


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