Hello from London!

Good grief what a week. Work has been pretty wild so far this year, lots of late-night and weekend work sessions ahead of a couple of major deadlines. I don’t get stressed the way I used to, though, so although there are lots of extra hours going in, I don’t crumble the way I did a few years ago. It probably has something to do with getting older but also working at a company that has helped me to overcome my impostor syndrome. Never did I think that joining a company that is disrupting an entire industry and growing at rocket speed would do that, but the things you learn…

As a result of working very long hours recently, I took today off for a London getaway with Ivy. It’s been more than three years since I left London, but somehow it’s still like coming back home. I don’t at all miss the hustle and bustle, but I sometimes do miss the buzz—and it’s difficult to have one without the other. But then I went out for dinner with some old colleagues when I arrived last night and remembered the times when I went out for dinner several times a week because it was easier than cooking at home, and because home rarely felt like a home. It made me realise once again how grateful I am for my life and my people in Malmö.

The incredibly British view from our hotel room

It’s also, of course, a bit wild being here on Brexit Day. Seven years after David Cameron first promising that there would be a referendum if the Tories were re-elected, Britain is today leaving the EU. The market is reacting appropriately to certainty, meaning the pound is stronger than it has been in years. That’s bad news for me hehe but hey-ho! If anything, moving to Malmö was an incredibly wise financial decision, so I’ll bear that in mind when I go huffing and puffing over the weak SEK.

A very Brexit breakfast

We’re staying at Nobu in Shoreditch, a hotel I booked particularly as I thought it had a pool. It turns out that it doesn’t, but it is made out of gold? Everything is extremely golden and I feel extremely nouveau riche hanging out in this golden hotel, lol. But it feels great to be back in London for a few days. We’re going to all my favourite spots, Foyles for books, Liberty for (baby) clothes, Tate Modern for art exhibits, Fortnum & Mason for tea, and lots of great eats in and around Shoreditch and central London. Not a bad way to end January.

Bump says HELLO from our golden hotel bathroom

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