The power of iron

Here’s how my life has changed since I started eating iron supplements three weeks ago:

*I’m no longer tired. As in, I wake up feeling energised.
*I see beauty where I previously saw nothing at all.
*I have enough bandwidth to deal with suppliers who don’t deliver on their promises.
*I am now the one to ask the kids to play ping pong with me.
*I’ve signed up with a PT.
*I’ve started cooking real, actual meals. From recipes even.
*I laugh.
*I go to bed and I’m not 100% exhausted.

I’ve always been a bit snarky about supplements but wow, this has blown my mind. Maybe it isn’t the supplements (although I started eating them as the midwife said I had anaemia) but to be honest, I’m feeling so great that I’m not taking any chances. So if you’re tired, get your blood levels checked out. It might not be a burnout, it might just be iron deficiency.

A snapshot from Friday when I caught myself admiring this little plant. I haven’t admired a plant in a long, long time.


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