36 hours in Stockholm on a wild, wild week

I’m having a crazy week. I should have seen it coming, but lately I’ve been so zen that nothing seems to faze me. And actually, now that I’m in the middle of some sort of work storm, I’m still not freaking out. It might change when Tuesday and this mega deadline actually hits, but I’m hoping not. In any case, I’m spending the weekend deep in work stuff, trying to make sense of numbers for a big release we have coming up.

I went to Stockholm this week for a 36-hour work trip. Here’s what it looked like:

05.15: Morning glory! I took the 06.10 fast train to Stockholm which was a big mistake. I normally work on the train to and from Stockholm but that’s utterly impossible when you take the fast train. It might be me being pregnant, but frankly, it might also be the train being like the vomit comet.


13.00: Hello from the news desk! Our CEO was due to appear on Di TV, talking about why we need a better way of updating maps and how Mapillary’s collaboration-based approach is the best way forward. If you’re interested in maps, why they matter, and what I spend my days/life doing, you can watch the full feature here (fast forward to 04.55)


16.30: Nipping out from our Stockholm office to get some nibbles.


18.30: Dinner at Isabelle’s and Anton’s! Isabelle, Fanny, and I lived together for a few months when we were all in Uganda and a wonderful friendship followed. These days I see them both very rarely, a direct consequence of me living in Malmö, but whenever I do, we pick up from right where we left off.


22.00: Checking in to my hotel. I have a number of favourite Stockholm hotels but this one, Blique by Nobis, ranks quite high, particularly when I go for work and want to keep costs down. The rooms don’t have any windows—I honestly don’t mind—but the hotel does have a glorious breakfast, a well-equipped gym and sauna centre, and it’s nice enough so that you can take meetings there.


00.00: Found this after a two-hour work session and lol’d.


07.30: I woke up to a cancelled breakfast meeting, but that only meant that I got to have a breakfast date with someone else—ME! I love dining out on my own, so it worked out quite nicely.


12.00: Went to Alma for a lunch meeting with Helena, an acquaintance of mine who’s also in PR. I think we’ve only ever met twice in real life, but we have lots of mutual friends and, more than anything, we’ve followed each others’ antics on Instagram for years and somehow gotten to know each other online. That’s exactly what I love about Instagram. I’ve made so many friends and connections on Instagram that I couldn’t have done offline, particularly not living in Malmö.


13.30: And then I worked from Alma and the Central Station before taking the 17.05 train back to Malmö, feeling very grateful and happy about my 36 hours in Stockholm, but even happier about going back home. <3


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