Things I’m looking for and things I’m looking at

Our beloved castle.

I never in a zillion years thought I’d live in a house. It wasn’t a dream of mine and it’s not something I ever thought about. Granted, I also didn’t think I’d fall in love with someone who happened to have three children. Then I met H and everything changed. It became obvious that everything I thought I knew about the future and what I thought I wanted was wrong. It also became obvious that we would never not live in a house. It really goes to show that we often don’t know where life will lead us. So here I am, living in a wonderful 1920s castle with H and the kids.


The bedroom in my old flat.

I enjoy interior design and turning a space into a home, but decorating a big house can be pretty overwhelming. Decorating the flat I lived in prior to moving in with H and the kids was a fun little adventure that required very little time, money, and energy. That’s not really the case with the house. Decorating the flat felt cute. Decorating the house can often feel… Vulgar? Excessive? I have spent more time than I care to admit thinking about wall paint and at one point it sort of spurred an existential crisis. Have I really become the sort of person who a) cares about wall paint and b) can’t make her mind up about what colour to pick? Well, yes, that actually does seem to be the case.

But I can’t help myself. I love the results and when a plan comes together.

I’m currently thinking about wallpaper and glass cabinets. We’ve been discussing what colour we should paint our bedroom walls for a very long time and painting the bedroom has made its way onto the 2020 house roadmap, but I’m starting to think that maybe wallpaper is the way to go. So then we’ve gone from ”which colour” to ”which colour and pattern”.


Our bedroom. It needs a bit of colour, I think.

But wallpaper seems to be the solution to our (my) concerns. It’s important to me (us) to respect and honour the heritage of the house. It’s a 1920s house and should be decorated and treated as such.


So I’m currently looking at a lot of William Morris wallpaper, and other wallpaper that—let’s be honest—resembles those of William Morris. Apart from wallpaper, I’m also thinking about glass cabinets since we need one for the dining hall. We have a gorgeous glass cabinet already that we moved across the house into the dining hall, only to realise that it’s way too big for that space. It’s beautiful though, so we’re keeping it as storage until we’ve figured out what to do with it. But it means that we need a smaller cabinet for the dining hall.


I want something old, rusty, and sturdy. Ironically, the old and rusty tends to be quite expensive which normally puts me off a purchase for quite some time… And that might actually be a good thing. It means more research, but also a chance to really understand what it is that you want and need.

So yes, decorating the house takes time. It’s taken me some time (lol) to realise it, but that might also be the charm. We will live here for many, many years, hopefully decades to come. It can take some time and it’s fine.

But we’ll get the bedroom wallpaper up this year, so help me god :))))))


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