Hello Tuesday

First of all, thank you so much for all your love on the OMG WE’RE HAVING A BABY post, here and on Instagram. I entered week 18 a few days ago so we’re almost half-way through, which is pretty wild considering that it feels very unreal still. I was at the doctor’s today where it was confirmed that I have PGP (pelvic girdle pain, or foglossning in Swedish) and that, too, feels unreal as I certainly don’t feel pregnant enough (lol) to have PGP. I’ve otherwise had a pretty smooth sailing pregnancy with minimal levels of physical discomfort and, to be honest, most of the time I don’t even think about the fact that I’m pregnant. This is great news, because it’s like a wonderful ”ah yes!” every time I remember.

Anyway. After my doctor’s visit I worked from Beyond Us, the place that has officially become my office away from the office. I love working from the office, but I also really enjoy getting out a bit and working from various cafés around town. Beyond Us is excellent for this. Other great spots include AB Småland and Atrium, but they can both get a bit loud.


I finished my calls and went for dinner with Olivia at Saluhallen. We went to the same high school but only got to know each other when I moved to Malmö three years ago. Then she moved to Stockholm, but now she’s back in Malmö! It’s been a good two years since we last saw each other and since then both of us have changed jobs, moved cities and houses (I moved to NYC and then back to Malmö), and, of course, one of us is pregnant. Lots to catch up on.


And then it’s now. Back at home doing a rare facial and catching up on some reading. I just read a wonderful Vice piece by an old acquaintance of mine—Milly donated her eggs and explains why it’s her proudest achievement. It’s a five-minute warming read and you can find it here.


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