Great things to do and great things to look forward to

First working week of 2020 in the books! I didn’t realise how badly I wanted to get back to work until I actually started working again. I love winding down and time off for sure, but I get itchy if I’m off for too long. And I get anxious about going back to work, thinking ”what if I won’t like it”, without realising that going back to work is exactly what I need.

So, Monday was phenomenal. But I decided to do a little something each night to start the year and the decade off right. On Monday I took a long bath. On Tuesday we had ice cream on the sofa. On Wednesday I made a nice meal. On Thursday… Umm not sure what happened on Thursday. But actually, I’ve been making Real Dinners™ (yes, from actual recipes) every night of this week and that alone has made every evening of the week feel special. I also went to the doctors who told me that I have iron deficiency, which might explain why I’m exhausted at the end of every day and normally don’t have the energy to cook dinner. But in any case, doing something, even if it’s nothing, like taking a bath, or having ice cream, or reading a book, has made this week feel wonderful.

A weekend breakfast

And finally, I booked a trip with one of my best girlfriends. We’re going to London in three weeks without any to-do’s. It’ll be my first leisure trip to London in more than ten years. I go back to London every few months but it’s always because of work or weddings or other to-dos. It’s lovely, but this will be something else and I can’t wait.

My glorious cat and I this morning. He makes every day seem special :’))

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