Älskade vardag

I’ve been overwhelmingly and unexplainably sad and anxious over the past week. There hasn’t really been a real reason and I was starting to think that something was seriously wrong. But then I went back to work and all the anxiety disappeared in an instant. I love work and I love to work. Better yet, I love my job, and I’ve missed my colleagues over the holiday period. It’s interesting though, I tend to be fairly exhausted before a long holiday is coming up, but it doesn’t take long before I can’t wait to get back. I even went back to work one day early. And I’m so, so happy that we’re back to normal life now.

I thought I’d continue with the decade summary though, so do stay tuned. Writing them up has highlighted to me how much can be done in a decade. An endless number of things, people, and moves, or so it seems. That might be why I hope to have more quality and less quantity in the next decade. Fewer things, people, moves. And better relationships with the things and people that are already in my life. Fingers crossed!

Last night’s anxiety-reducing bubble bath



Så kul att följa denna bloggen!! mvh din nya bloggläsare!


Så roligt, välkommen Alice 🙂

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