Hopes and dreams for the next decade

Being in Koster means you get the time and space to really think about the big stuff. About where you are and where you want to go. Writing my decade in review also helps. Ten years is a long, long time. I can’t remember having many or any particular big dreams at the beginning of 2010. I was pretty lost at the time, so my big dreams came a few years later. I wanted to work in diplomacy and I wanted to have an international career. I also decided that I wanted to save the world. Easy! I got to work in diplomacy and I have an international career, but when I tried to save the world I got the impression that the world didn’t really want to be saved. It was a bit of a mind-fuck to be honest. And instead, life somehow led me to PR.

Basically, the past ten years taught me that achieving one’s dreams is definitely possible, but sometimes those dreams might not be all that. It’s with that in mind I discussed my hopes and dreams for the next decade. Here are some of them, in no particular order.

*Build a stellar marketing function at Mapillary
*Write the book
*Get to a point where I save and invest more money than I spend every month
*Give birth to a healthy child—or two, if I can be greedy!
*Eventually, go freelance before setting up my own business
*Earn my first 1 million SEK as a sole trader, and my first 10 as a business owner
*Marry H
*Build an orangery
*Give more of my time and money to local association groups whose missions I care about
*Get to a point where we feel done-ish with the house (it’ll never be done but you know what I mean)
*Take H and the kids skiing in Canada for H’s 50th birthday (luckily there’s eight years before that one)
*Build and stick to an exercise regime that works for me
*And most importantly, give as much TLC as each and every child in our house needs and do whatever I can to help them see the power in kindness, resilience, and perseverance

There’s not much travelling on my list. I hope I’ll get to travel a bit in the new decade, but mainly for a change of scenery and the chance to relax. It might sound wild but I’m so happy with all the places I’ve already seen and visited. For this coming decade, I’m happy focusing on work, family life, and growing and building where I am. In Malmö! Hehe, I’m so excited about these next ten coming years. Fingers crossed I’ll still be blogging as we enter the 2030s.


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