Happy Christmas!

Another Christmas in the books! It’s the same thing every year, I’m super hyped about the festive period and binge on gingerbread cookies and julmust for weeks before the big day, and by December 25 I’m completely over it and start craving water, exercise, and fresh air. I felt exactly the same about my birthday party this year. The day after the party I had a great sense of urgency to clean out everything from the night before and sort of resume to normal.

But back to Christmas. This year was special since it was the first time my dad, my sister and her kids came to ours to celebrate. There were twelve of us and it feels special to host so many people. It’s also pretty wild to go from having no kids and living in a one-bedroom flat (which was the case two years ago, i.e. the last time H had the kids over Christmas) to all of a sudden having three kids and a house that can host many people (which is the case now). That thought crept up a few times yesterday and had me stop in my tracks.

Christmas breakfast

In any case, we set up different stations for play. Puzzles, table tennis, reading, film, food prepping. Christmas to me means that everyone can hang out in the same space and do whatever they want (albeit minus phones). There’s no pressure to do anything in particular, and if someone wants to hide out in another toom for a bit I think that’s fine too. I was once lambasted for picking up and reading a book on Christmas eve a few years ago. ”Christmas is for socialising”, she said, ”not reading”. Well, each to their own. In our house, everyone is free to do whatever they want.

More Christmas breakfast!

That’s perhaps the best thing about being an adult, that you can set your own rules and boundaries. And I’m so happy to be with someone who shares so many of my values. We care about the same stuff and that makes everything pretty easy. Growing up, I felt a bit… Misaligned. That feeling is long gone, and it’s why I love being in charge of my own life and my own happiness. I’ve even started buying Christmas presents for myself hehe, because why the hell not. This year I got myself a linen robe and a silver ring and, unsurprisingly, it was great!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, whatever you did. Here are some more snapshots from ours:

The jigsaw puzzle!

The calm before the storm

The big tree with way too many presents… BUT there were 12 of us, so.

Three generations of my favourite men

And as expected, we will have food for quite a few days to come…

Time for presents!

And finally… The morning after the night before. Craving water, a clean house, and a bit of sweat.



Åh ser jättemysigt ut! Och instämmer, vuxen och sätta egna gränser is the key. Ska försöka mer med det nästa år 🙂


Hehe ja men det kan vara easier said than done, framförallt om man är gäst. Men det ser ut som att ni haft en fin jul ändå! Kram <3

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