Snippets from the week

What a week. We have the kids every other week and in some wild way, those weeks are the calm ones. They’re the weeks where H and I cycle back from work (we work at the same co-working space) at 4.45pm to make dinner and hang out with the kids, before getting back to work in the evening. It’s a clean break between work and, well, work. But when we don’t have the kids, the days pass by like in a blur. We have edamame beans and/or corn for dinner in front of work, if we even see each other at all. We both travel a bit for work and somehow we always seem to match it so that one of us is away. And this week has been exactly like that. Work trips, late-night meetings, and lots of events and deadlines to finish before the end of the year. In other words—I’m extremely excited about the holidays. It turns out I will have to work a bit but I’m determined to keep it very low-touch. And, you know, the upside is of course that there are so many exciting things happening at work at the moment. So yes, swings and roundabouts!

In any case, it hasn’t all been work. Here are some other things from the past week.

Jasmin, Matilda, and I went for brunch at Kitchen and Table last weekend. It’s at the top of Malmö Live and feels pretty New York imo, particularly for Malmö.

Look at that view!

I had a very distinct brunch period in my life a few years ago. I moved back to London from Uganda in 2014 and the London brunch scene swept me off my feet, and every Saturday and Sunday I’d go for brunch at a new place. Or, to be honest, an old and familiar place. But like many other things, that, too, eventually lost its charm. I very rarely go for brunch now, which makes it a bit nicer whenever I go.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t actually have brunch though, I do. Like on Sunday last week when my dad and sister came to ours for some Christmas brunch. Here’s our new dining table by the way! Our dining hall is quite difficult to decorate as it’s so long and narrow, and we’ve been looking for a long and narrow table for quite some time. This one is handmade (!), beautiful, and didn’t cost a fortune. Perfect.

We finally got a tree! I spend every morning in here watching Julakalendern before rushing off to work.

Including today. We’re actually heading to Talldungen today for some quality time. We’ve decided to leave the laptops at home, go for long walks, eat lots of nice food and take long baths.

Here’s what it looked like last time I was at Talldungen, two years ago. I’d never heard about it at the time, but it seems like it’s boomed in popularity since. Anyway. I’m very excited about our little 24 hours getaway.




snälla är ordentlig middag eller/och sluta kalla edamamebönor för middag <3


Ånej, menade inte att trigga. Ska tänka mig för framöver.

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