A DIY advents calendar of little love letters

I didn’t always love Christmas. For many years I didn’t. I associated it with feeling abandoned and lonely, even when I was surrounded by people. But then, about eight years or so ago, I started devouring Christmas in my own little ways. I bought my first Christmas tree while I was in my first year at university. I started watching the Swedish Julkalender on SVT Play, made lots of Christmas sweets, and listened to an insane amount of Christmas music. And somewhere along the way, I started to really love Christmas. These days I do whatever I can to make the month of December feel as long as possible.

From Dnilva’s blog

I am not a super crafty person, but I like developing and executing concepts that I think will make an impact on the target audience (after all, I’m a marketer). That’s why I was so happy to see a cute DIY advents calendar on Dnilva’s blog that inspired some great thinking. She listed 24 activities, one for each day, in the run-up to Christmas. I wish I had the energy for 24 activities in the run-up to Christmas he he but I totally don’t, so instead I copied her idea and replaced the activities with little love letters. To the man who has everything and wants nothing, i.e. H.

I bought the pegs at Panduro, but otherwise I just used stuff that I had lying around at home. A piece of string, colourful pens and sheets of paper. Easy peasy.

And little letters filled with memories and things I love about the man I love.

I hung them on the mirror in our bedroom and, as you can see, I only made it halfway through December before I had to prep a dinner I was hosting. So fingers crossed I’ll get to the next half before December 13!

Anyway, it was a roaring success. And a wonderful complement to the tea advents calendar we have. I now visualise us reading little love letters over cups of tea every night until Christmas (lol that’s obviously a joke).

And that’s it! Thank you, Dnilva, for the inspiration.



Men åh vad fint! Små kärleksmeddelanden är ju världens bästa start på dagen! <3


Ja! Varje dag blir en kärleksdag <3

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