Finally December!

What a weekend! It’s as though the weather gods decided to play nice all of a sudden, after having given us nothing but grey and clouds for the past month. Some of you might have read that Skåne had 12 (!) hours of sunshine throughout the first three weeks of November. It certainly felt like it, and explains why most of my Instagram feed has been littered with pictures of the light over the past few days.

I’ve been looking forward to December for what feels like forever. There are so many wonderful things happening this month and many things to look forward to, other than Christmas. And the first thing happened today! I had some of my girl mates over for this year’s first Christmas fika.

I’ve been exhausted for most of November (and I bet it’s got to do with the lack of sun), so it was lovely to have enough energy to actually put some nice food together and see some friends. We’ve also just shuffled things around a bit in the house and it’s always nice to have some friends pver to discuss the progress of the house. The house is a never-ending project, which is amazing but can also feel quite taxing.

We also got the stove going for the first time (!) since I moved in over a year ago. H has kept saying that ”it’s broken, it doesn’t actually transmit any heat” and we found out today that although it doesn’t transmit as much heat as it should, it definitely transmits enough. Which means that there’ll be a lot of evenings in front of the fire from now on.

The girls headed off after lots of bubbles and gingerbread cookies and I made H and me some salmon pasta, which I then inevitably and predictably cried into. I always seem to get emotional with gratitude on Sundays. It’s as though the weekends give me time to think about what life is actually like. And every time I take a step back and think about this little life I get overwhelmed with love and gratitude.

So yes. What a glorious start to December. I can’t wait for the rest!


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