A hazy November through the eyes of my phone

Time is the biggest paradox at the moment. The days seem to move slowly, but the weeks go by like 123. July feels like a month ago, it’s somehow already been a year since I lived in New York, and Slush — the tech festival that is the annual reminder that Christmas is around the corner — is coming up this week. Yet, as I said, every day seems to last forever. Is November always like this? I can’t remember. Last November I was in New York and travelled to Colorado and Texas when I didn’t have visitors. The year before I’d just bought my first flat and I think I was still so in love with it that everything else felt irrelevant, and the year before that I’d just moved to Malmö and was amazed by everything in my new life.

Anyway. Lots of fun stuff have happened over the past few weeks. Here’s what it’s looked like through my phone.

I went to Copenhagen to hang out with my favourite Copenhagen resident. Caroline moved there in 2009 and she just had a baby so it’s safe to say that she’s not coming back to Sweden anytime soon! We went to Geist for brunch, which was less brunch-y than it was fine dining.

She took me shopping which never ends well. Copenhagen has a myriad of fun little independent boutiques with great stuff that appears cheap, but don’t be fooled! If you earn your money in SEK it is much more expensive than what meets the eye. Anyway, that didn’t stop me from buying five dresses. I don’t consider myself the kind of person who has fashion crises but nevertheless, at least once a year here I am.

I’ve spent a wild amount of time cuddling my cat Katten.

I bought a tea calendar for the man who has everything and wants nothing and I am personally very excited about this calendar. I gave up coffee a few weeks (months?) ago and since then I’ve become a great fan of different teas.

I’ve gone for fika with Caroline, her adorable baby Nora, Thomas, Robin, and Jacob. A year ago there were no babies in my life and now they’re *everywhere*. Several friends and acquaintances have given birth over the past few weeks and I have several friends and acquaintances who are expecting. From 0 to 100 in no time!

I started reading Resten av allt är vårt, which is the latest book in JWHF’s book club. It’s surprisingly good! I also finally found a lamp for the far end of our dining hall. This room is emerging slowly but surely. I haven’t had much energy to deal with everything that needs doing around the house, but I’m starting to bounce back a bit.

A cup of tea, the hot water bottle that kept me warm during many cold London winters, and a zillion candles to keep my cosy during tonight’s work session. I am heading to Helsinki for Slush on Wednesday and like every year, the run-up is wild.

That’s it. Some tidbits from my glorious November. Looking back it feels more wonderful than it does hazy. And I think that’s exactly why I wanted to take up blogging again. To look back and remember the good times. I am fortunate to have many of them.


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