Beyond Malmö

I went to Beyond Us’ opening dinner in central Malmö last Thursday and it was pretty insane. I get to attend a lot of *stuff* through work, whether they’re nice dinners, parties, conferences etc, but this was something else. It’s probably because I work in tech as opposed to lifestyle, but I’ve rarely felt so pampered going to an event before.

Beyond Us is a new concept store in Malmö. It’s located right by the canal and is a ”mini shopping centre” (but way, way better than a shopping centre). It hosts several brands, and it also has a café, a coworking space, Sweden’s trendiest post office, and a gym area. AND a ball pond for the kids and the fun adults.

Spoonery, one of my favourite Malmö eats, did the food and DJ A Sisters did the music. Christin, Sanna and JWHF organised the whole event and did a stellar job of pulling it together (they even had a tattoo artist on site!).

Kajsa, one of the bloggers here at JWHF, launched her Style for Rent concept which is also part of Beyond Us, meaning that we can all look as fabulous as Kajsa from now on. I’ve bought quite a few ridiculously expensive dresses recently and the funny thing is that after they’ve been worn twice or three times, they feel sort of… Done? So I am very excited to see if I can rent some of Kajsa’s couture instead of buying my own from now on.

Never not Instagramming (sorry not sorry)

It was such a great night and I’m so glad to have been invited. There have been quite a few new places opening in Malmö since I moved here and I think Saluhallen and Beyond Us are two of the biggest and most significant ones. Beyond Us felt pretty New York-y, but in a Malmö way — which in my opinion is the best kind of way.

Thank you Beyond Us for having me, and thank you Jenny for all the amazing photos (she has taken every single one in this blog post)! And speaking of which, Beyond Us is actually almost like a little mini JWHF but irl? Christin, Sanna and JWHF did the opening event, Jasmin is working at Beyond Us doing marketing/operations/much-of-everything, Jenny’s prints are exhibited (and for sale!), and Kajsa has her couture rental there. And I try to go as much as possible for fika, so there you go.


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