A Monday in pictures

Hello and happy Monday! I don’t categorically *LOVE MONDAYS* the way some people claim they do, but I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by amazing people at work and that means that every Monday I’m really looking forward to seeing them. And today was a bit special since I headed to Stockholm to attend an interview with one of my Stockholm-based colleagues. Here’s what it looked like:

Breakfast on the train. Here’s a lifehack for you: if you travel 1st class on the train on SJ (Swedish Railway) you get breakfast in the morning, rock steady wifi and unlimited access to fruit, tea, coffee, and chocolate. And it rarely costs much more than a standard ticket.

Unfortunately 1st class doesn’t help again motion sickness which hit me like a wall about 40 minutes into the journey and then lasted for another four hours. Wow. I asked on Instagram if motion sickness gets worse with age and about 20 people concurred. This was especially shit as my train journeys to Stockholm normally consist of four hours of uninterrupted work. Oh well. Next time. And at least once I arrived I got to have lunch with the glorious Ivy. Ivy hired me to work in her old restaurant at the beginning of the decade. Since then she has become one of my best friends and one of my greatest shoulders to lean on.

After a speedy pit-stop lunch I hurried over to Computer Sweden’s offices where my colleague, aka Mapillary’s VP of Data Acquisition, was interviewed for a piece they’re writing about Mapillary. There are so many exciting things happening at work this quarter and I can’t wait for everything to go live with a bit of a BANG.

We just about finished the interview before I ran into the first café I could find to do two hours of back-to-back meetings.

Popped into Arket to see if I could find some knitwear after failing to find any in town this past weekend. I had extremely low levels of faith but I managed to find something! I think knitwear is really difficult. I only found one piece I liked last winter and I’ve worn it to the point where it wouldn’t be acceptable to use in public anymore. Shame, because I really liked it.

Went back to the hotel room for my evening calls. Many of my colleagues and our suppliers are based in the US so evening calls aren’t that uncommon. I know this probably sounds like a joke to many people, but I genuinely don’t mind. Quite the opposite, actually. I consider myself very, very lucky to get to work with such genius minds and I love working with the US market. It’s very different from working with the Swedish market, or the UK market which is where I used to work.

Once I’d wrapped up my calls I went to the gym, and here comes lifehack #2! If you bring your gym clothes for your work trip you will be very disappointed with yourself if you don’t go to the gym. As a wise marketer once said: just do it.

And then it’s now! Finishing off today with an apple and the latest episode of Vår tid är nu.

Great day. Love this little life.


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