3 år som gifta



Idag firar jag och Jens 3årig bröllopsdag.
Vi gifte oss på åkern utanför vårt hus, och åkte till Tivoli med barnen efter vigseln.
Jag bloggade om dagen på min dåvarande blogg Dosfamily.
Det vill jag dela med er idag. Puss

“Jens and I got married this weekend. The ceremony was held, early morning, on a field outside our house by a local wedding officiant.
On September 11th 2016 we’ve been together for 15 years so it was the perfect date for the ceremony. No big party, no guests. Just how we like it. My sister and her husband came over to press the trigger on the camera (that I had neatly placed on a tripod with all the right settings before hand) and to be our witnesses. The morning offered the perfect scenery on our field, the sky behind us was a bit dark, it was foggy and the sun peaked out from behind a cloud just in time for the ceremony.

“Cheese” click. “Congratulations”. “You may now kiss.”

This picture is the best! This is when the sun came out, see how much it effects the picture with it’s glow? the first photo, on top of this post was before the sun, see how less “golden” it is? I like that too, but the sun just ads perfectly to that “Yay we did it”-feeling.

Here’s what we’re wearing btw.
Jens’ suit is from H&M. Shoes “Nylite” Tretorn.
Jenny’s dress is from Jarlo, shoes “Casey” Vagabond.
Viola’s dress is from Cubus, Frank’s outfit is from Zara. Both kids are wearing Converse.
Our rings are by Atom47. Hair and makeup was done thanks to tips found at youtube.
The flower bouquet is a mix of branches from our yard and kale from the supermarket.

After the ceremony we had some breakfast (oatmeal) and then we hopped in the car, off to Copenhagen for some family fun at Tiovli gardens.

First things first: FOOD! Tivoli has some great restaurants, but we wanted to start riding rollercoasters so we settled for something quick and tasty. Viola had a waffle with whipped cream. Frank had nachos. Jens and I had a “Frikadellen burger” with a dripping red beet sallad, thanks to some sort of miracle we manage to eat it without ruining our clothes. Yay!

Now you all might be like “Wait a minute that does NOT look like burgers and there are no red beets in sight”
You’re aboslutly right. This is photos from our second lunch at the same place, but with another dish. (If we find something we like why try anything else?)


Nothing says celebrations like balloons

We decided on a couple: Mickey and Minnie.

Viola had to change out of her wedding clothes, “they were just too uncomfortabel”. So she did a quick-superman-type of change in the car.

Tivoli is such a cool place. This is the entrence to “Purgatory” , a “funny mirrors house”. Love the name and the cat.

The kids were pretty pleased all day. Look at Frank’s face, after the 8th time in this ride. Viola was such a great friend and sis and went with him on several rides.

Tivoli is open untill 11 at night. Here, the sun is starting to set as we stand in line for the Ferris wheel.







Blev ni då ihop 11 september 2001? Berätta mer!


så fint + redan 3 år?!

Älskar dessa bilder!! Grattis snyggingar!

Men guuuuu så HIMLA fint ♥️😭 ALLT ! Och grattis förståss !!

SÅ FINT Jenny, blir tårögd <3


Verkligen fina bilder, särskilt på dig och minnie mouse ballongerna.


Så fina bilder 🤗 och stort grattis ❤️

Veronika Adlerstein

Underbart! Grattis! Mazel Tov! Congratulations! Länge leve kärleken! Önskar er ett långt, lyckligt liv tillsammans.

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